Let me start off by saying that my husband probably thinks I have completely lost it! Haha! He was leaving for work as I was arranging and rearranging all my goodies for pictures… and maybe telling them to stay still!

So… Behold! My Sephora haul, because they have double, triple and quadruple points this week and I just had to step up to Rouge this month…

Oh so pretty!

First up, my early birthday present to myself! Christian Louboutin nail polish in Madame Est Nue

C'est tres chic!
C’est tres chic!
Obviously, not your everyday kind of purchase, unless you have boat loads of money (yacht loads??). $50 for 0.4 fl. oz. but you are paying for the name and looks of the bottle as well as how awesome the polish itself is. It was a little tricky trying to paint my dominant hand, it is a learning experience; but once you figure it out, you will wish you could have the brush handles for all of your polishes!

The color is a light pink (described barely pink) and is a part of the nude collection. I think it dries really fast, it started to get tacky right away. The color is sheer but that probably also depends on how thick or thin your layers are. The polish is super glossy, it looks like it has a top coat on just by itself… but of course, I put a top coat on anyways because I don’t tend to live very dangerously!

Before I applied this gorgeous color, I had to get rid of the old and get a base coat on.

NailsIncCiateThe Ciate White Choc Pot removed at least 5 layers (yes I know that’s excessive) in literally 3 seconds for each nail. Plus, my fingers smelled like white chocolate for long after, I don’t suggesting tasting it though! I felt that the remover left my nails a bit dry, but when I used the Nails Inc. NAILKALE basecoat, they instantly felt better! It was like a little refreshing kale smoothie for my nails! After all of that, and the Louboutin polish, I used the Nails Inc. 45 second top coat (Kensington Caviar). True to it’s name, my nails were dry in under a minute. The polish underneath can still get dented and scratched but the top coat helped waaaaay more than any other kind I have tried before! Did my nails an hour before bed, when I woke up they were still perfectly shiny, no blanket marks!

NARSbdayLippiesNext, NARS lip liners and an eyeliner. I got these from Sephora for free since it is my birthday month. The colors are Cruella (Red), Rikugien (Rose/Nude) and a black eyeliner. I honestly haven’t tried these yet but I have other NARS lip liners and know these are going to be used A LOT!

NirvanaWhiteBlackI used my rewards points from Sephora (100) for the Nirvana Black rollerball. Seriously, how am I just now finding this scent?! Sandalwood, gah! Love! This scent last so long too! One smell and I instantly think of pearls, silk, deep red lipstick… this scent is seriously sultry. As for Nirvana White, it has a nice flowery/summery scent. I think I should have bought the rollerball or standard perfume before trying this oil. It still smells amazing and is super cool using a dropper (hello 1920’s!) but I’m more of a “apply on the go” kind of gal… I can’t really use this while I’m driving. The Nirvana White hand cream is the perfect pairing for either scent. I use hand lotions and cream constantly and I always hate that most of the good stuff out powers my perfume, so this is pretty great for me.

BuxomGuiltyAngelBuxom Guilty Angel is my perfect nude! Plus it smells amazing!! My husband hates the standard lipstick smell, so I am always looking for something he won’t mind kissing off of me 😉 Stayed on all day, only had to touch it up a couple of times.

For your #nofilter good looks!
SephoraSunbleachedFilterAny haul would not be complete without an eye shadow palette! This Sunbleached Filter palette has a great assortment of shimmery and matte shadows. The colors are all so perfect for creating any look this summer! I also love the fact that they made the two base shadows larger, thanks Sephora!

HourglassImmaculateNudeLast, but not least… New foundation by Hourglass, Immaculate in Nude. This is a liquid to powder mattifying and oil free foundation, which is perfect for me since my skin likes to be an oily mess in the summer! Used this for an outdoor wedding last week and my face was the freshest one there (OK, at least second freshest because the bride was drop dead gorgeous!) $50 for 1.0 fl. oz but it is completely worth it! When I work, I need my makeup to stay on for 14+ hours, and this baby powers through!

Leave me some feedback or let me know what you want me to try and review next!

xoxo – Mandy

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

-Sophia Loren


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