I have always been a fan of reading and writing, I used to write short stories (yes, for fun!) as a kid. I was also in love with makeup at a young age. My grandmother sold Avon and I loved going through and picking out what I wanted from all of her extras! She had the most enviable vanity, makeup mirror and makeup collection, so thank you grandma for introducing me to all things beauty! I know she is looking down on me now with a smile!

My Beautiful Grandma! #killingit
My Beautiful Grandma! #killingit

Anyways… I decided to combine my favorite things, writing, makeup, being a mommy… and BOOM! This blog was born. I can’t promise that I will always keep focused in my posts… having a toddler running around keeps you a bit distracted at times! But I will have plenty of stories, mommy tips, beauty product reviews, etc.

My first real post will be some product reviews of my recent Sephora haul, so stay tuned!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

-Marilyn Monroe


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